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Features & Benefits

myWORKBADGE is designed for office staff, field personnel, service professionals, and educational institutions to track time, proof of presence and compliance related activities

Time & Expense Tracking
Mobile Forms
Digital ID Badge
Dashboards & Reporting
Smart Workflows

Features & Benefits

myWORKBADGE is designed for office staff, field personnel, service professionals, and educational institutions to track time, proof of presence and compliance related activities

Time & Expense Tracking
Mobile Forms & Compliance Tools
{re}Skilling Tools
Digital ID Badge
Dashboards & Reporting
Smart Workflows

Time tracking software designed for field service personnel.

Payroll has never been easier with the myWORKBADGE mobile time tracking tools!

Track Time & Expenses

Proper time tracking is critical for a healthy bottom line, but remembering to do it can be a challenge. myWorkBadge makes time and expense tracking easy and simple, so you gain control of your workforce, with limited interruptions to your service flow.

Keep Track of Your Team

Managed time tracking is a tool that helps you make better real-time decisions about your jobs and workforce. myWorkBadge collects real-time data from your workforce which is then compiled into an easy to read visual interface to gauge your teams and jobs performance.

Save Time & Money

myWORKBADGE time and expense tracking tools improve payroll control, profitability, and productivity across your entire business. We know the service industry that’s why our tools are easy to use, scalable and work completely offline!

Proof of Presence

It’s important that your workforce records their time on the right job and at the right location to validate pay. Geo location based tracking provides you with the proof of presence you need to ensure your workforce is where they need to be.

Photos, Notes, and More..

Capture more from your workforce than just their time! Configure your time cards to include photos, notes, checklists, and/or gated workflows. View all field captured activities from your workforce in real-time and share daily reports with your customers.


With one click push your timesheet data over to your payroll system for processing. myWORKBADGE integrates to most 3rd party payroll systems; Quickbooks, ADP, Sage, Paychex, Gusto, and Zapier.

Simplified tool to get the most from your team


Give your team the tools they need

Reskill your workforce with videos, notes, photos, and documents that they can easily access then track their progress

Allow your workforce to obtain, manage, and share their certifications back with you while they are in the field.

Collaboration, any time, anywhere

Streamline the communication between the office and your field workforce. Use one tool and do less switching between your other apps

All content is encrypted and securely stored in one place

Job and task specific training videos and documents accessible all in one place.

Digital ID Badge

Never worry again about creating and managing employee ID cards. Whether you have short term visitors, temporary gig workers, or a team of field service operators myWORKBADGE provides the real-time security you need for the peace of mind you deserve.

Virtual & Printed Badges

Virtually display your badge on your smartphone or print your badge to wear when smartphones are not an option.

Background Checks

COVID19 Health Assessment, Drug & Health Screening, I-9 & E-Verify, and Identify checks

API Integrations

myWORKBADGE can integrate to any 3rd party software system

Online Credential Management

Manage all employee and contractor credentials from one secure web administrative portal.


Create Custom Mobile Forms

Keep your team working efficient

Easy to use form builder to create and manage compliance for any type of service or process.

Offline mode functionality to capture data where there is no internet reception. Automated synchronization of data when online.

Build mobile forms with gated logic to ensure your process is being followed correctly every time.

No IT skills required. Simple drag & drop functionality to build your ideal mobile forms with as much or as little gated logic.

Provide real-time transparency from field and proof of presence.

Smart Workflows

Limitless Customization

Create custom mobile workflows for each of your teams. Use gated logic and smart workflows to control each step of the process.

Gated Logic

Gated logic allows downstream actions to be disabled until specific upstream actions are completed. Gated logic is ideal for tasks that are repeatable and automated. While smart workflows allow for a different result and behavior to become available based on the upstream actions.

Discover Solutions

Ideal for troubleshooting, triage, and all situations where the outcome is unknown.

Powerful Dashboards & Reporting

Visualize your data in realtime and manage data with easy to use reporting tools, filters and maps. Easily manage exceptions and compare key performance indicators (KPI’s) using analytics. Quickly view where activities are being captured on a map.

Friendly Dashboards & Reports

Our dashboards and reports are simple to understand but yet powerful for decision making. Managing compliance is difficult your dashboards shouldn’t be.

Export Graphs & PDF Reports

Download PDF graphs and excel reports for any premade dashboard to share with others.

Compliance Reporting

Quickly identify issues at a glance across your entire company or down to the individual team. Compare your team's performance by the previous day, week, or month.

Timesheet Reporting

Easily download timesheet reports for your entire company, team, or individual for payroll purposes.

myWORKBADGE works for your industry

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